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The Albert Clock displays time using mathematical equations, randomly generated by an algorithm to prevent repetition. Choose the speed from one to six term changes per minute based on your preference. Customize difficulty levels to match your skills, ranging from basic arithmetic for kids to challenging modes for enthusiasts. Need a break? Switch to Level "0" for a standard time display.

Available in various finishes, the Albert Clock's minimalist design exudes timelessness. The innovative 15-segment alphanumeric display ensures readability and contrast, even in sunlight. Night-time mode dims the screen for bedroom use, while day-time mode provides bright symbols. Now in walnut and maple finishes, promising top-notch quality.


Crafted with precision, this handmade piece adheres to high-quality standards, with suppliers selected for sustainable manufacturing. Global adaptability includes a choice between 12 and 24-hour modes, as well as customizable math symbols (/ or :).

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