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About this unique LED clock:

all important information at one glance

The Albert Clock is a LED clock, with an ingenious particularity: the hours and minutes are displayed in the form of mathematical equations. The unique clock was programmed with an algorithm which generates the terms of the equations randomly to avoid recurrence. The displayed terms change, depending on which option you choose, from only one up to six times per minute. You can customize the math clock by choosing different levels of difficulty, to make it fit your skills. The easiest level is adapted for children with knowledge of only two of the fundamental arithmetic operations: addition and subtraction. Whereas geeks will still find themsellves being challenged at the hardest difficulty level. If you want to give your brain cells a break, you can always switch to Level “0”. This allows you to have the time displayed in an ordinary mode, as any other off-the-shelf LED clock would do it.


Whether you choose a wood finish or the classic grey version of the Albert Clock: the minimalist design makes this design object timeless. The innovative 15 segment LED display simplifies readability and provides high contrast even when exposed to direct sunlight. If you’d like to use your Albert Clock in your bedroom, you can switch between a power saving night-time mode, where the screen is dimmed, and a day-time mode which gives you crisp and bright symbols. The Albert Clock is now available in walnut and maple finishes, with elaborately finished surfaces that promise highest quality.

Produced under high quality standards, this piece of craftsmanship is assembled by hand. The suppliers of all components are carefully chosen under the aspect of the optimization of a sustainable manufacturing.


To adapt the clock to users from all over the world, you can choose between 12 and 24-hour mode, as well as the type of math symbols (e.g. the symbols for division operations / or : )


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