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Forget about your comfort zone.

Challenge yourself everyday.

The Albert Clock is one of the best-selling products at MoMA Design Store, conceived by the designer Axel Schindlbeck. The intention of this digital wall clock is to motivate the user to use his brain cells in a casual manner with the goal that mental arithmetic will almost feel effortless once you get used to it. Forget about your comfort zone and accept the challenge!


Every glance at the clock is an occasion to train your brain and get out of your “comfort zone”. Where this zone lies is up to you to decide! Thanks to the changeable difficulty mode, you can start off easy and adjust the level to more challenging types of equations. This makes it an ideal brain trainer for both: children and adults. Watch this video if you want to see the Albert Clock in action.

Engineering skills meet craftsmanship.

Not only its innovative function makes it an unique wall clock - every specimen of this clock is assembled by hand in the atelier of the designer in order to guarantee a high-quality standard.

Therefore, a little team of skilled and dedicated people gathers and produces a batch of new clocks every now and then, in response to the current demand. We give you exclusive insights into the assembly process in our virtual photo gallery.

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