Twisted normal things

Axel Schindlbeck is a Marseille-based designer, who questions the potential of everyday objects to create an innate and playful link between humans and technology .He graduated in Industrial Design from Stuttgart Art Academy in 2008. After making his first work experiences with Sigi Moeslinger and Masamichi Udagawa in New York City in the year 2009 he relocated to Paris to join the team around Mathieu Lehanneur, working as his head designer.

In 2014, Axel Schindlbeck founded the research and development firm MNTNT with developer Fred Mauclere. The Albert Clock was their first product. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015 the development of the clock was launched. The first product line of the Albert Clock was put into production the following year.

It is thanks to the originality of the Albert Clock that large-format print and online media took notice of the clock and spread the word about the market entry quickly. The lively media interest contributed significantly to the fact that the Albert Clock, due to the wide positive response, made a noise in the art and contemporary design world and finally sparked the interest of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Today the Albert Clock is available at the MoMA Store and has evolved to one of their best-selling products.

Besides his dedication for his Albert Clock project, Axel Schindlbeck is a lecturer in Product Design at ESADMM College of Art and Design in Marseille.

Visit Axel Schindlbeck's website to get to know more of his creations and projects.