Albert Clock Schneeweiss

Albert Clock Schneeweiss

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This digital clock will never be out of fashion: the snow white version of the Albert Clock is elegant and timeless. The Minimalist design and the conscious renouncement of color make it a must-have for everyone who loves understatement.


Its housing is made out of lacquered maple wood and is being produced in a small family-owned carpenter’s workshop, Zimmermann Uhrengehäuse GmbH, in the black forest region in Germany. The refined display of this digital clock comes with Osram LEDs, offering you a stunningly crisp image thanks to very high contrast and sharp silhouettes. In addition to the basic functions we added a “Level 0” (zero stands for “zero effort”) to give your brain a break when it needs it. The minimalist design and the white color of the housing put forward the offbeat function of the clock, making it a humble yet fascinating object to decorate your room with. You can purchase your clock right here!

  • Scope of supply

    Your Albert Clock comes with a 3m textile cable (we have had issues with supplies, unfortunately we are still waiting for white cables since a few months, the clock is delivered with a back cable and adapter, therefore we give a 20 € reduction) a wall mounting system and power adapters for EU, US and UK.

  • Technical details


    innovative 15-segment LED display simplifies readability and display of mathematical symbols, provides high-contrast even with direct sunlight


    Power supply:

    110 V and 220 V universal power supply, 3 m cable length



    watch cases: maple or walnut

    display: acrylic glass


    Wall mounting:

    easy to set up with the wall fixation system


  • Specifications

    Colors/ materials:

    maple wood: wood (no lacquer), Lucid White (lacquer), Concrete Grey (lacquer)

    walnut wood: wood (no lacquer)



    1,2 Kg (incl. packaging: 3 Kg)



    35 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm (length x hight x width)


  • Product information

    Albert Clock is a digital LED table - and wall clock

    hours and minutes are displayed as mathematical equations

    timeless, minimalist design and high quality workmanship


    Two time formats:

    12- and 24-hours mode


    Dimmable display brightness:

    adjustable on 6 different levels, with a power-safe mode for day- and nighttime


    Levels of difficulty and level “0”:

    6 gradually increasing levels of difficulty for the mathematical terms and  Level “0” for an ordinary time display


    Speed adjustment:

    6 speed levels help to set the frequency of mathematical terms given per minute


    No recurrence:

    random generation of terms


    Worldwide use:

    supplied with changeable plug adapters for the use in the EU + 9 more countries worldwide

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