You can download today your free version of Albert for your mobile phone.


It's available on the Apple Store and on Google Play, just search for Albert Clock or download it with the links below.


For Iphone users, please download here


For Android phones, please download here


You'll find an App from MNTNT with a student cap icon, that's us. Install the App. Once the App launched, you'll see 2 stripes with stars. It's ok, you need to enter the unlock code, so just touch the top of the display (the App is in landscape mode) to open the settings screen. Go to "unlock", and enter the code "helloalbert". Now go back to the main screen, and calculate! If you touch anywhere else on the screen, let's say the middle, you will switch between calculated time and normal time, this is useful to check if you calculated well. There's also widgets, "Big Albert Clock" and "Small Albert Clock". But on some versions of Android you may need to restart your phone in order to see them in the widget list. Enjoy ;-)

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