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Made in Germany.

Assembled in France.

Distributed worldwide.

Whereas the first two versions of the Albert Clock were mainly produced in China, MNTNT sought for alternatives for the manufacturing of their newest version of the Albert Clock.

The production was completely overthought, with the goal to settle it in Germany in order to maintain the high-quality standards. The most important and largest component of the value chain is the wood working and assembly. This is done exclusively in Germany. The only exception is the electronics board, which still comes from China, as the usage of boards made in Europe would push up the price of the clock significantly.


The housings of the wooden wall clock are manufactured by the company Zimmermann Uhrengehäuse GmbH in the Black Forest region in South Germany. The owner-managed family business was founded in 1938 and employs ten craftsmen who, with the utmost diligence, produce high-quality wooden products.


For the final assembly and quality control, each specimen of the Albert Clock wanders through the patient hands of skilled workers who fit the components carefully into the chassis to give the clock the quality and perfection Albert Clock is known for. This includes many steps and precise fitting work. Before an assembled clock is final packed, it is subjected to an inspection by well-trained eyes and a functional test, which guarantee perfect functionality and flawless finishing on delivery.

Click here for a "peak behind the scenes" of our manufacturing.

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