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wall mount

The ALBERT CLOCK can simply be mounted on the wall. In case you do not have a AC outlet on the wall, the included 3m long textile cable and a dedicated wall fixation system for easy use allow you to put Albert nearly anywhere you like!

levels of difficulty


  • „I've spent many hours in school looking at the time and waiting for it to pass. I regret now that we did not have the Albert Clock hanging on the classroom wall - in order to turn boredom into mental calculation skills!“ Mathieu Lehanneur, designer, Paris, France

  • "The clock is not only a beautiful minimalist object, it is also a fun and clever intervention into the mundane task of looking up the time. Not just for kids, but for any brain that needs a bit of exercise..." Sigi Moeslinger, designer, New York, USA

  • "This could solve a lot of problems. I am serious. I think it is great.“ Zeke Brown, Architect, Boston.